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Kansas City Divorce Mediation Attorney

Finding Middle Ground in Divorce and Custody Cases

When family situations change — during a divorce or child custody modification — what people want most is to feel that they can regain control of their lives. Leaving property division and child custody and visitation decisions up to a family law judge is not only expensive, but also takes these important decisions out of your hands and puts your future in the hands of a judge.

But you do have options.

At the Liberty, Missouri, law office of Larry Swall of Gates Shields Ferguson Swall Hammond P.A., we help divorcing couples and parents take charge of the important decisions in their lives. We work with clients in the Kansas City area, providing family mediation and parenting coordination services as a means of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). We are committed to helping you and your children build a strong foundation for the future. Call 866-554-4664 to discuss whether mediation is right for you.

We Have the Experience You Need

Larry Swall of Gates Shields Ferguson Swall Hammond P.A., provides facilitative and collaborative efforts as well as divorce and family mediation services. In fact, we have done groundbreaking work in the use of mediation and alternative dispute resolution for resolving divorce and child custody matters.

Lead attorney Larry Swall, a trained mediator since 1994, has been executive director of the Missouri mediation program Mediation Achieving Results for Children (MARCH) since it began in 1999. He educates Missouri courts and lawyers about the risks and benefits of mediation and also trains mediators in technique and theory.

A Safe Environment for Decision Making

In mediation, a divorcing couple will meet with a neutral third party to explore each person's goals and needs in light of Missouri or Kansas divorce law. The mediator ensures the parties have the information they need to make a decision and helps them find common ground. The mediator also ensures that the mediation environment is safe and free from coercion or intimidation.

The final decision must be agreed upon by both parties. If agreement cannot be reached, you can take your case through traditional methods of litigation.

Take Charge of Your Future

Mediation or other forms of ADR can help you save time, money and contentious litigation. For a free consultation, please call 866-554-4664 or send us an e-mail.

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