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Kansas City Child & Spousal Support Attorney

Finding a Balance for Child Support

Determining child support can be one of the most important, and contentious, issues in a divorce. It can cause problems for everyone involved if it's not handled properly. What is important to remember is that child support is for the benefit of the child, not the parent.

We have the experience to handle child and spousal support matters. Larry Swall has served on the Missouri Supreme Court Child Support Guideline Review Committee and teaches child support calculations and issues to lawyers and family mediators in Missouri. Please call our office in Liberty, Missouri, at 866-554-4664 for an appointment.

Meeting the Needs of the Child

Support issues in Missouri and Kansas are based on balancing the needs of children with the parents' financial capacity. We work to educate parents on child support calculations and guidelines. We can explain how support is determined and help you find creative ways to maximize the limited financial resources many families experience when separating.

Modification and Collection

We can help you modify child support orders. Financial needs of children change as they grow up. Parents' jobs change. We can help review your financial situation to determine how child support may be modified in your situation. If a child is enrolling in college, we can help determine how obligations of support continue, if possible. For instance, in Kansas, children are automatically emancipated at age 18 or graduation from high school (whichever is later); support ends the following month. But in Missouri, the parent providing support must seek termination; and, a child may remain eligible for support until age 21 if he or she begins attendance at an institution of higher education or vocation. We can help you understand when there is or is not that continued obligation of support; and, how to navigate the tricky waters of post-majority child support.

We also represent people who are not receiving their court-mandated child support payments. If you are owed child support, we can utilize the powers of the court to your benefit in collecting support; and, if you owe child support, we can help determine whether the arrears are correct, whether support could be modified or even terminated.

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